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banner reads: frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a fox/cat/bunny/animal ear hood?

I will be dropping more hoods monthly (for as long as there's demand), the hoods that will be included in each drop will change up each month but there's likely to be fox hoods in each one. 

To be notified as soon as drops go live, join my newsletter!

If you miss out during a drop -or if the hood you're looking for isn't in it- I also take custom hood commissions! 

My commissions fill up quite fast but I reopen slots on the 28th of each month

I also send out email reminders to newsletter subscribers for commission openings, so if you want to grab a slot, be sure to join my newsletter!

You can find out everything you need to know before ordering here so that you're prepared!

How much are the Animal Ear Hoods?

The hoods start at £80 plus shipping, the cost can change depending on how much materials are needed and how much time the style takes to create. 

There are also upgrades available if you want your hood made in faux fur.

Where are the iconic glasses chains from?

Any glasses chains that you see me wearing with D20 dice on (which is most of my glasses chains) are by the wonderful artisan SpaethenArts on Etsy

If you don't see any on their page, it's probably because they've sold out (sorry, not sorry). 

Follow them on Instagram and TikTok to keep up to date with restocks!

Will you sell the animal ear hood crochet pattern?

It's not my pattern to sell! 

I put the hood together using the Hooded Cowl Pattern by CrochetedByDrew on Etsy. The only significant change I made was that I added animal ears instead of horns. 

As for the animal ears, you can get those patterns here:

I'll be releasing another bundle later in 2024 including other attachments such as my triceratops design.

Make a tutorial for the crochet hood!

This one goes along with the previous question, I can't make a tutorial for a pattern that doesn't belong to me, that would be stealing. 

When I do make the animal ear pattern bundle I do plan to have tutorial videos available with the purchased pattern for people who prefer to follow videos. But please note that these videos will ONLY be for the items included in my pattern bundle, the base hood will not be included. 

Will you ship to my country?

I ship worldwide using Royal Mail, as long as the Royal Mail can ship to your country then I can ship to you. 

One important thing to note is that I am shipping from the UK and cannot be held responsible for any customs or import fees that you may incur when ordering from me so be sure to read up on your country's rules for that before ordering. 

You can find out more about my shipping policy here.

I have an idea for a custom hood, can you make it?

If you have an idea for a hood that I haven't done before, drop me a message before ordering and I'll let you know if it's something I can do and we can discuss options for that design. 

If the design will take more time and material than my standard hoods then I may ask you to select the "Complex Design" add on when placing your order, this will cover the additional time and materials for your hood.

What kind of yarn are your hoods made from?

It varies between hoods! I use a lot of different yarns (almost always Super Chunky weight) for my hoods. 

For my Ready to Ship hoods, the fibre content and sensory feel will be included in the listing description. I know how hard it can be to order online as someone with sensory sensitivities. 

If you're ordering a custom hood you're welcome to request specific fibres or yarns or ask me not to use certain materials. Please be aware that this may limit the selection of colour choices but I'll do my best to match what you're looking for within your requirements. 

Do you have an Etsy?

Nope, I sell here on my website and I process commissions through Etsy.

If I sold on Etsy I'd have to charge a lot more due to their fees so I much prefer using Shopify.

Why didn't you respond to my comment on IG/TT?

Put simply, it's not realistic for me to respond to every single comment. I get so many and I don't even see a lot of them because of the way IG and TikTok's notification system works. 

I try to answer my most commonly asked questions here in this FAQ but if you have a more specific question you're welcome to DM me or email me at and I'll get back to you. 

Still need help?

If the FAQ above did not answer your question, feel free to drop me a message through my contact page ♡