banner reads: requesting a commission, everything you need to know
banner reads: requesting a commission, everything you need to know

Wondering how my commission process works, and what happens when you've booked your slot?

This page specifically covers the process of ordering a custom crochet hood but it's a similar process for all of my commissions.

Already booked your slot? Amazing! You can skip ahead to the "What Happens Next" section.

How to Get A Commission Slot

I open my commission slots once a month, on the 28th. These slots indicate the amount of work that I'm able to fit in during that time so if there are no slots available I will not be able to "squeeze you in". 

You can check the number of slots remaining this month on my commissions page. If it says "sold out" they really are sold out. 

Slots are reserved on a first come, first served basis and reopen on the 28th of every month. Please check back then for the best chance of success.

I also offer a selection of member-only commission slots for members of my Fluffy Cloud Club, these are exclusive to members and they're also topped back up on the 28th.

You can also join my newsletter (at the bottom of this page) to be notified when the slots open each month.

How does Ko-Fi Work?

I process all of my commissions through Ko-Fi where you can pay using Paypal or Stripe (credit/debit card).

Commissioners pay in full upfront to book their commission slot. You'll receive a confirmation e-mail from Ko‑Fi once your payment is processed, and another one from me to confirm your request. 

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Booking Your Slot

Slots fill up quickly so it's helpful to be prepared with your request and signed up to the newsletter so that you can be notified when they go live. 

All bookings go through my commissions page on Ko-Fi.

When you make your request there will be a few things I need from you so it might be helpful to keep these saved in a place that you can copy and paste from when you're placing your order. 

What I Need From You

1: Your measurements for the neck piece: 
⇢ Measure in a straight line from your eye to your collarbone
⇢ Measure around your head at the level of your mouth

2: Specifications
⇢ What colour do you want?
I'll do my best to match the colours that you're looking for but I am limited to the yarn that is available with the correct specifications.

3: Which animal ears? 
∘ None
∘ Cat Ears
∘ Bear Ears
∘ Fox Ears
∘ Wolf Ears
∘ Bunny Ears (Complex Design)
∘ Triceratops Frill & Horns (Complex Design)
∘ Surprise Me! - for people who want a fun little surprise

If you want a different option, drop me a message before-hand ( and I'll let you know if it's possible. 

4: Additions
I have a collection of gold or silver coloured charms that can be added to the ears (like piercings) Let me know if you want to add any!
∘ Gold or Silver Stars
∘ Gold or Silver Moons
∘ Antique Brass Keys
∘ Gold Chain

Add-Ons Explained

COMPLEX DESIGN: If you are requesting a complex design or something that will use more yarn than my standard hood designs (eg. Triceratops or Bunny Ears), please select the "Complex Design" Add-On to cover the cost of additional time and materials. 
If you're not sure if this applies to you, drop me a message before ordering and I'll let you know.

MAKE IT WITH FAUX FUR YARN: Choose this add-on if you would like your hood made with Faux Fur Yarn. Please be aware that colour choices are much more limited in this type of yarn.

EXTRA HOOD COMMISSION: It's possible to request up to two custom hoods in the same commission slot by choosing the "Extra Hood Commission" Add-On. 
If you would like your extra hood to be a complex design or made with faux fur yarn, please choose the applicable "second hood" add-on.

Please read through my Terms & Conditions and complete payment to reserve your slot, and you're done!

A copy of my T&Cs can be found here.

What Happens Next?

I'll contact you via Ko-Fi DM within 2 days of your payment being processed to confirm your commission and to request any additional information from you in order to make a start.

I'll also confirm the expected deadline for completion. We'll discuss yarn choices and then I'll make a start. 

Receiving Your Custom Hood

At the completion of the commission, I'll send you photos of the finished hood from all angles for approval (you can request very minor changes at this point). Once approved by you I will package the hood up for shipping via Royal Mail Tracked. Once it's been dispatched I will provide you with your tracking number or link.